Group Overview

    In January 2020, 推荐买球平台 announced a Re-organisation Plan to split the company into three distinct and coherent operating groups that are Purpose-led and future-ready in order to maximise 推荐买球平台’s long-term value on a sustained basis.

    We have developed a clear Purpose, compelling vision and a differentiated strategy for each of our three operating groups. Each can capitalise on specific trends that underpin its sectors, pursue its own strategy, take advantage of new market opportunities, attract new talent, optimise resources and invest in requisite assets and capabilities to deliver profitable growth and build long-term value on a sustained basis.

    Sunny Verghese, Co-Founder and Group CEO

    “Over the past 30+ years, 推荐买球平台 has built a valuable portfolio of businesses that have achieved leadership positions. By simplifying our businesses across 3 distinct and coherent groups, each with a clear vision for profitable growth, it sharpens our focus and provides opportunities to capitalise on key market trends, while continuing to leverage the benefits of the 推荐买球平台 Group.”

    Sunny Verghese
    Co-Founder and Group CEO


    ofi -可可


    Led by its Purpose, to 'Be the Change for Good Food and a 健康y Future', ofi offers sustainable, 自然, value-added food products and ingredients so that consumers can enjoy healthy and indulgent products. It consists of industry leading businesses, cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spices. It partners with customers, leveraging its complementary and differentiated portfolio of ‘on-trend’ food products, to co-create solutions that anticipate and meet changing consumer preferences as demand increases for healthier food that’s traceable and sustainable.

    推荐买球平台阿勒 - Cotton


    Led by its Purpose, to 'Transform food, 饲料, and fibre for a more sustainable future', 推荐买球平台阿勒 is a market  leading agri-business, focused on high-growth consumption markets with deep understanding of market needs, a global origination, trading and marketing footprint, with good logistics, processing and risk management capabilities. It transforms food, 饲料, and fibre to create value for its customers, enable farming communities to prosper sustainably and strive for a more food secure future. Operating at the heart of global food and agri-trade flows, it has leading market positions across grains and oilseeds, animal 饲料 and proteins, 食用油, 大米, specialty grains and seeds, 棉花, 木材产品, rubber and commodity financial services.

    Remaining 推荐几个足彩外围app

    Led by 推荐几个足彩外围app’s Purpose, to ‘Re-imagine global agriculture and food systems’, the Remaining Businesses of 推荐几个足彩外围app comprises:

    • Nupo Ventures – an independent incubator for our Engine 2 businesses and start-up growth initiatives such as 魂 (Farmer Services Platform), Terrascope (Smart carbon management Platform), Re~ (purpose brand).
    • Mindsprint – delivers digital and technology services to each operating group and will utilise its capabilities to offer services to third-parties in the future. 
    • 推荐买球平台 Global Holdco (OGH) – holds and develops our gestating assets with a view to partially and/or fully monetise these assets over time and oversee the responsible divestment of our de-prioritised businesses and assets.

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